About Edwin Holmes Roofing of Indianapolis Indiana

downloadServing the Indianapolis, Indiana, community for more than two decades, Edwin Nolan Holmes Roofing combines quality work with an affordable price. The firm’s experienced professionals use durable GAF Timberline Lifetime Architectural shingles, which are double layered and algae resistant. All Edwin N. Holmes Roofing projects are personally supervised by the owner, and its workmanship warranty exceeds that of other companies throughout the state.

The firm takes pride in detail-oriented execution, placing roofing felt as a barrier to vapors and a rubber membrane as a shield against ice and water around chimneys and in valleys. With tear-off and re-roof projects typically completed in a single day, all debris is hauled away in a dedicated dump truck.

The roofing company maintains a strong commitment to the community. Among other charitable works, the firm roofed a Habitat for Humanity building at no cost, as well as the home of a woman with several children living with muscular dystrophy. To learn about Edwin Holmes’ full range of services, visit http://www.862roof.com.


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